Semalt Explains How To Perform International SEO Work

With the development of the Internet, commercial boundaries have also been lifted. Now, when people are looking for information, they can reach any place in the world with just one click on the Internet. The most effective way to make your website visible on the Internet is through search engine optimisation. Because people use search engines when they need a product, service or information, the better your website is ranked in search engines in different languages, the more visible you will be.

In order to reach your audience in different parts of the world in search engines, you need to turn to international SEO work. To do this, you need to work on the region and the language.

What is International SEO?

International SEO is all of the work done so that people speaking different languages in different countries can reach your website through search engines, crossing the borders of the country in which you operate. These are the studies that make you visible to your target audience living in different countries. 

If you are determined to get the effectiveness you want from international SEO studies, you need to consider all the details. Experienced teams, who follow developments in the world as well as the language and search engines of different regions, provide you with international SEO support so that you can be visible in the search experiences of your target audiences in different regions.

In Which Sectors Is International SEO Work Done?

International SEO work is necessary for many industries. All businesses operating in a country but opened abroad, taking products and services to other countries, or aiming to expand abroad, should turn to international SEO studies in order to be accessible. Companies working in health, tourism, logistics, marketing, industry, transportation, e-commerce and many other fields should turn to optimization support that will enable them to open up to the outside world and create their brand image in the targeted region.

It would be very wrong behaviour to reduce international SEO studies to certain sectors or one sector. It is a necessary service for every company targeting abroad and wanting to carry out marketing activities in other countries.

Considerations in International SEO

International SEO studies require expertise and meticulousness. We have brought together the points to be considered in the international optimization study for you:
Off-page SEO authorities in your target country may change. That's why you should learn the most effective off-page SEO strategies and shape your project accordingly.

How to Do International SEO Work?

International SEO studies are also carried out in proportion to on-site SEO and local SEO studies. It is a set of studies focused on bringing you to the top, both locally and in general, for the language and region you target. Global SEO studies are as follows:

1. Target Language Selection

Companies that want to expand abroad must first determine their target language. Although English is prominent in international SEO studies, another language specific to your target audience may be more cost-effective and more beneficial. After determining the most appropriate language for your international goals, plans are made for this. Some companies may also prefer multilingual SEO studies. Multilingual SEO studies are costly studies that must be carried out meticulously. By choosing the right language, you will take the biggest step towards achieving your goals.

2. Target Region Selection

Your international SEO goals should definitely include a country or region. If you do a general study, you will not reach your goal and you will strengthen your opponents even more. In order for your work to achieve its purpose, you must clearly define the regions you are targeting. Thus, international optimization studies can be supported by local SEO studies.

3. Getting to Know the Target Audience in Detail

After determining the language of the community, you want to reach and the region where you will operate, the detailed analysis process is implemented. By using professional tools, you should know your target audience in detail and analyze their habits and behaviour patterns. You should know the search engine experiences of your target audience and understand what they want. The process of analyzing the target audience is the main basis of your work.

4. Analyzing and Recognizing Competitors

Keep in mind that there are companies other than you that interact with the audience you want to reach. Before you start your studies, you should also analyze the performance of your competitors and their interactions with your target audience. By learning the SEO strategies of your competitors, you can shape your international investments more accurately and effectively.

5. Determining the Right Keywords

If you are investing in international SEO work, you should focus on both global and regional focused keyword groups at the same time. You can get higher SEO performance by supporting your global goals with regional methods. You should determine the keywords that are preferred in your industry and that have a high search volume that your target audience searches for in search engines. You should shape your content strategy according to these keyword groups.

Determining the right keywords will make you more visible and increase the efficiency of your work. To determine keywords, you can do keyword research by using The Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

6. On-site and Off-site SEO Studies

In SEO studies, first of all, the detection of errors on your website, the determination of the SEO performance of your website and the optimization of on-site SEO elements are carried out. Then, the steps that will support your international optimization efforts outside the site should be determined and implemented.

On-Page SEO Checklist

Here's a checklist you can use to make sure you're doing everything possible to rank higher in search engines:
On-Page SEO Ranking Factors

7. Budget Planning Studies

You need to allocate a certain budget for your international SEO work. Foreign language SEO studies take longer and cost more than other optimization studies. In order to reach your goals, the right budget should be created, and the budget you created should be used in the most efficient way.


International SEO studies are all the steps you take to be visible to your target audience in different countries in search engines. You should start by knowing your target audience in the country you are targeting. By analyzing people's habits, you should include keywords specific to different languages and regions into your studies.

For the multilingual SEO studies you carry out, you should examine seasonal changes, trends, and the work of competitors. International SEO studies require higher costs and working with a professional team. If you have a global goal, you should definitely invest in international SEO.

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